Our Meat Market

The Meat Market at Carniceria Rosita

A large variety of choice meats including Carne Asada in Manteca, CA

Why do people love our meat market, especially our carne asada?  Our motto says it all, Cleanliness, Quality, and Service.  First, we have our meats delivered fresh every few days.  Our beef and chicken are delivered three times a week, and our pork is delivered twice a week, the day after the hog is slaughtered.  We hand slice and cut everything, unlike our competitors who use machines that require partial freezing for proper machine slicing.  This partial freezing causes the meat to lose juices, freshness, and taste when the meat defrosts.  (This defrosting also causes the meat, especially on the edges, to blacken.)  All our meats are sliced and trimmed by our expert meat butchers – the reason why our cuts taste as good as they look!

Carniceria Rosita’s meat market is known for our seasoned and prepared meats, especially our boneless skinless marinated chicken legs.  Our customers buy 4,000 lbs of this prepared chicken across a weekend and a total of 6,000 lbs across one week.

Due to our relationships with our meat suppliers, we are informed when special types of meat are available for purchase.  We always purchase the highest grade and will not sacrifice quality for price.  Extra efforts are made to ensure that our customers have the highest quality, freshest meats available.  All meats are fresh and never frozen, except for seafood which is required by law to be frozen.  These reasons are why customers come from all over San Joaquin and Stanislaus County to our meat market.

People who want the best carne asada, as well as other cuts, come to Carniceria Rosita. Our quality meats are reasonably priced, and our seasoned meats prepared for quick and easy cooking at home and on the barbeque are famous.  As always, check our specials for discounts we are offering.

Our goal is to provide quality, choice meats at a value price.

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Carniceria Rosita

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